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An Alternative to Higher Rates and Dropped Loads

Every decision you make in your supply chain affects the entire shipping industry.

What if a small change was better for the greater good and you made more money?

Carriers want to know that they have a load to haul.

They want to get done with a long trip, drop everything off without issues, maybe be a little ahead of schedule and make a profit on their trip.

But now there’s a problem.

They are stuck somewhere that don’t have any outgoing shipments. They are faced with a dilemma: sit empty and wait, or drive empty. Neither one is profitable, and let’s face it, neither get the excitement going!

When it comes down to it, truck drivers know which areas of the country they will find themselves in that situation.

In order to head that direction, they negotiate higher rates to compensate for driving empty on the return leg… or they often simply turn down those jobs.

Backhaul Buddy has a third option.

Creating a network of shippers that matches incoming loads to outgoing loads, the carrier has another load lined up to head back home, or anywhere they want to head off to next.

Transportation and Logistics

How Backhaul Buddy Works to Keep America Moving

Our mission is to open communication between all shippers, creating a seamless freight network.

For example, most shippers will have a hard time getting a driver to accept a load coming into Belgrade, MT because there is not a lot of outbound freight in the area for him to leave with.

This shipper however, has a card up their sleeve. They’re part of Backhaul Buddy, and they know that there’s a load leaving Belgrade headed to Denver from another shippers location on the same day. From there the carrier can easily grab a load and head back to the Midwest. With this unique network of shippers, the carriers can now easily accept these trips.

With this continuous route, shippers get better rates, carriers get paid more, and fewer loads are dropped.

More inbound than outbound loads? No Problem!

Backhaul Buddy plans to aggregate LTL shipments going to major destinations so that a single truck can take it all at once. By combining the small loads, we can create a full truckload that can take all the freight.

Instead of paying high LTL rates, shippers pay a shared full truckload rate.

Get Paid to Wait with our Buddy Bucks System

Montana has about four times as many loads coming as we do going.

There is less heading out of the state (at the moment) than there is coming in, and drivers don’t want to wait for a shipment.

Backhaul Buddy has a reward system built in for shippers that can be flexible by a day or two to provide a Backhaul Buddy for another member. That flexibility is rewarded with Buddy Bucks.

Those Bucks can later be used to offset shipping costs, be applied toward membership fees, or saved up until they’re needed at a later date.

Flexibility affects everyone socially, economically, and environmentally. A little flexibility in one area creates a better world for all of us.

Are you ready to dominate those shipments to obscure locations?

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