Backhaul Buddy


How we started

Why Backhaul Buddy?

Forging out on your own can be a nerve wracking experience.  Whether your shipping goods across the country after making an online sale, or owning and operating your own truck; it can be hard!

Janel Johnson, the founder of Backhaul Buddy, knows that feeling all too well.  Throw in the idea of creating an app that solves a problem that nobody else is addressing, and it gets downright scary at times.

In 2019, after some corporate restructuring in her trucking brokerage job, she teamed up with a business partner to open their own brokerage company.  Working in the trucking and shipping industry, you know that the logistics behind brokering these deals is intense.

Things went well with Janel’s get it done attitude.  When Covid-19 came into play, the shipping industry went nuts; sometimes for the better, but often for the worse.


The Problem With Logistics Today

In Montana, and other rural areas of the country, it became even more difficult to get anything delivered.  The problem wasn’t in the shipment itself; it was the return segment of the trip.

Too many rigs were making the drop, but then had to roll on out completely empty.

Nobody likes empty loads.

Carriers make less money when rolling empty.

Shippers pay more for the same load when the driver is going to roll out empty.

Brokerages are stressed finding a driver that is able to accept the load… and often they pay out of pocket to make it all happen.

The environment sees trucks burning diesel without supplying any goods.

Really the only winner is the tire manufacturer; those things are still wearing out just as quickly as before.

A Solution for Consuming Markets

Something had to change. When Janel was talking to a customer, it clicked with the mention that the buyer needed a “backhaul buddy.”

That idea developed into a social trucking program. A means of connecting inbound freight, with the outbound freight, so when a carrier is heading to an area like Montana, there’s a load ready to go out soon after the incoming is dropped off.

In the end, everyone wins. Developing a better infrastructure means more jobs can come to rural areas. Shippers pay less because they don’t have to compensate an outgoing empty load. Drivers make more because hauling something is always better than hauling nothing. Fewer trucks running empty means burning diesel is building a better America instead of rolling down the road empty.

So here we are with Backhaul Buddy; ready to unite the industry and create a more efficient trucking system for everyone around.

All that is needed is your decision to make more money while building a better community.