Backhaul Buddy

How You Ship Matters

Supply chain efficiency starts internally, but it should not end there. Collaborative shipping lowers costs, creates resiliency, lowers carbon emissions, and aids sustainability efforts.

Lower Shipping Costs Together

Courier standing at truck loaded truck

That’s why we created Backhaul Buddy, so companies could privately share their shipping schedules to create continuous routes for drivers. Negotiating with multiple load runs ensures better carrier rates for everyone.

When a carrier drives home empty or has to sit and wait for the next load, it costs shippers extra. The carrier has to be compensated for their time, but they would rather receive better compensation for hauling a load.

That’s why we created Backhaul Buddy; so shippers can work together to provide backhaul for carriers and create continuous routes for drivers.

Knowing for certain there’s another load lined up, it’s easier to take that trip that leads a carrier to Podunk towns.

Consistent Loads Every Trip

Cargo and goods transportation by truck

Driving empty sucks.

Even if you are partially compensated for the miles, that’s not who you are. You drive truck because you
play the essential role of connecting businesses with the supplies they need. When you’re driving
empty, it’s a waste of your time.

What if there was a way to guarantee a load to be picked up as soon as one is dropped?

Imagine the seamless world of load after load.

Increase Access to Capacity

Cargo delivery, driver courier sitting in truck

Drivers turn down certain routes because they end up leaving without a backhaul load. Shippers struggle to find drivers willing to go to these places and often pay much higher rates because of empty miles. Backhaul buddy offers a way to streamline the supply chain of an entire region and open up much-needed capacity.

What if there was a way to stop paying for empty miles and lower costs for everybody?

A seamless world of load after load restores your negotiating power with carriers and creates reliable service.

Get Paid More to Explore!

Delivery man driver using digital tablet.

Carriers have those cities they really don’t want to go to. We know that. We know it’s hard to drop a load off in Montana because there’s nothing to haul back. That’s why we created Backhaul Buddy; so you can explore beautiful places such as Montana without sacrificing your paycheck.

As we connect inbound and outbound shippers you can drop one load and grab another. You get back on the road faster making money across the nation.

Knowing for certain there’s another load lined up, makes it easier.

Buddy Up For Success!

Trucking! Bright and Colorful Big Rig!

Are you ready to join Backhaul Buddy and experience a more aligned shipping method?

With Backhaul Buddy, everyone comes out on top.

Carriers get paid more because they have a load coming and going.

Shippers pay less to get their load to those obscure destinations.

Our economy prospers with a more streamlined and efficient system connecting businesses with the goods they need.

Are you ready to get your Backhaul Buddy, and experience a more prosperous career?

App Features

Advanced tracking solutions

Create an Account

Accounts are available for Carriers, Shippers, and Brokers

Check Backhaul Buddy First

It's our goal to make booking your freight as simple as possible. Input your loads to Backhaul Buddy first as part of your workflow

Input Your Details

When you input your shipping details our software starts working on finding a match right away.

Get Buddy Rate

Check for buddies and get your special rate.

Notification Center

Messages and notifications will wait in your notification center until they are seen by you. Turn on push notifications in your settings to be notified instantly.

Instant Messaging

Connect and communicate instantly with carriers, shippers, brokers, and the Backhaul Buddy team to keep your shipments running on time and under budget

Real Time Truck Tracking​

Keep track of your shipments and never miss a beat with real time truck tracking for every shipment

No Need for Extra Software

Simplify your life with Backhaul Buddy. You're able to book inbound, and outbound shipments all from the one app. Real time truck tracking will send a notification when your shipment is an hour away from it's destination.


Frequently Asked Questions

Backhaul Buddy is currently in testing and will available soon!

You should only use Backhaul Buddy if you're interested in helping make freight and logistics more accessible and you enjoy saving money. Backhaul Buddy can save you time, money, and improve your local economy by lowering freight costs for all!

By signing up for beta testing or working with a logistics specialist to analyze your historical shipping information we can train our algorithm to better serve you and your neighbors and help lower inbound shipping costs and availability.